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and Rehabilitation Center

Balanced Care for the Equine Companion & Athlete
Servicing NY, NJ, FL
Dr. Dinah Skorich, Jessica Deer, equine chiropractic, equine acupuncture, horse rehabilitation


Equilibrium Veterinary Services was created with the Whole Horse in mind-- veterinary care with a balance of Holistic and Traditional medicine to enhance the performance and well being of not only the equine athlete, but our dearly loved companions. EVS offers rehabilitation services at Granny Fox Farm in Goshen, NY and we have recently added acupuncture, herbal and laser therapies for our canine and feline friends.

Dr. Dinah Skorich brings her passion for complimentary medicine, including veterinary acupuncture, spinal manipulation ("chiropractic"), herbals, rehabilitation and more, to horses in the Hudson Valley area of New York and New Jersey, as well as Wellington, Florida. Although she no longer practices general equine medicine, Dr. Skorich and her veterinary technician, Jessica Deer, enjoy working in conjunction with your horse's regular veterinarian to provide the care your horse deserves. EVS provides complimentary services blended with sports medicine for our equine patients.


EVS does not provide routine care or emergency services. Please contact your regular veterinarian for services such as vaccines, coggins, etc.

Horse adjustment, horse chiropractor, horse chiropractic, equine chiropractic, Equilibrium Vet Services
Equilibrium Vet Services, equine lameness, equine chiropractor, equine sports medicine, equine rehabilitation
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