What is Halal Dinnerbox Service

The Team at Halal Food Australia are wrapped to be presenting a first in the Australian Marketplace.
Halal Dinnerbox and Halal Lunchbox Services are providing access to quality Halal Meals that are delivered fresh to you door daily! If you are an active person who is restrained by lack of time, where you don't have the time to shop for ingredients, don't have the time for preparing a meal, don't have the time to cook your meals and don't have the time for cleaning up afterwards - then the Halal Dinnerbox is a great option to consider

How Does Halal Dinnerbox work?

Its easy! 1. Members sign up and select which Halal Dinnerbox plan they want to subscribe to.
2. Make a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription payment 3. Once activated Members are able to Log in to their own Members Section and make selections of the Style of Foods you like (we ask a few questions to help us identify the right food styles for you) - be sure to inform us of the foods you are allergic to or don't like. 4. You can select from a choice of 3 - 5 Halal Meal Options up to a month in advance. Once selected we take care of the rest.... 5. A schedule of deliveries will be available on the Members Calendar and is updated regularly 6. Meals are delivered by the Restaurants and conveniently dropped off fresh to your door ,freshly cooked, ready to be enjoyed. Our aim is to provide a range of Halal Meals sourced directly from quality local Restaurants - freshly prepared with the right ingredients, cooked and delivered for your enjoyment.

Who uses Halal Dinnerbox?

Halal Dinnerbox is a service we are providing to support members that have requirements to ensure that Halal Food and Halal Meals are made available on a regular basis. 1. Overseas University Students who want to have quality Halal Meals (Lunch/ Dinner) delivered to them daily fresh. 2. Parents and Relatives of Overseas Students who want to ensure that their Children are properly fed whilst overseas can be assured in knowing that not only will their children have access to regular Halal Meals but that it will be made from the best quality ingredients and prepared from some of the most experienced Chefs in Australia. (Let's face it though - Nothing and we mean nothing can beat home made meals but we think we come a close second :)) 3. Singles who are caught up with work, social life, travel or holidays are able to order fresh supply of Meals delivered to them daily 4. Families who are travelling or just wanting to have a range of Halal Meals can have a feast delivered to their door on a daily basis 5. Travelers to our shores. We can easily provide a range of Halal Meals to be delivered daily to your Hotel, Motel or Serviced Apartment 6. Employers and Employees - Halal Dinnerbox takes away the expensive and time consuming costs associated with managing the well being of your staff while overseas or on travel. Our simple interface means that you can now manage a range of Quality Halal Meals to be delivered on a regular basis to serviced Apartments 7. Sporting Clubs and Teams - Clubs and Teams that travel from abroad to Australia can be challenged to find suitable meals that are Culturally right. Whether you are a cricket team from Pakistan or a Soccer Team from Indonesia. It is important to consider a strong supply of quality meals that you can rely on Halal Status. 8. Sadaqah - Members of the community can purchase meals that are distributed to those in Need of a Meal. You can purchase a meal pack for a day, a week even a month. This will then be managed by our system and we will deliver meals to a child, an orphan, struggling person or couple or family in need. We work with a number of Local Community Welfare groups to ensure that those in need receive the support needed. “Sadaqah extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire.” [Tirmidhi] “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.” [Tirmidhi] 9. Da'wah - Now you can purchase meals that are delivered to local Mosques hosting Da'wah groups. You can donate a meal or series of meals which are then delivered to our Brother's and Sister's that are participating in Da'wah. This support will ensure that they receive Halal Food sourced from the right providers and gives sustenance and thanks for the efforts made by those participating. The aim is to provide a range of Halal Meals sourced directly from our member Restaurants - freshly prepared with the right ingredients, cooked and delivered for your enjoyment and sustenance.

How much does Halal Dinnerbox cost?

Pending on the type of options that are available Members can subscribe for Meals to be delivered daily for a budget of between $120 - $370 a month. There are a number of options that can be selected that will vary the final price. This often means that a quality meal can be supplied cheaper than when ordered on a typical Food Delivery Platform. It is cheaper because we don't charge commission on orders and don't inflate prices from Restaurants with hidden fees and margins. A restaurant that joins our program has full control over the pricing and delivery direct to you. In this way we are able to ensure that the benefits are passed to our members.

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